Rapid Relief from Sinus Congestion and Face Pain

The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage
Technique - a 1 minute self help treatment plan

The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique - Order Page

Sinus Relief Technique
Set comprises 1 DVD in a disc case
(FREE multiple bonuses by internet download - instructions included with DVD)
PAL (UK) and NTSC (USA/international) versions available
Please select your choice from the drop down buttons below:
  1. You can order the DVD on its own and receive all the extra free health information
  2. You can order a short SKYPE session of 30 minutes
  3. You can order two SKYPE sessions of 30 minutes and use them at your convenience. This makes learning and testing of your technique very easy
  4. Order the DVD and two SKYPE sessions to fine tune your learning of this system
  5. Note that DVD prices are slightly higher for international orders due to the high cost of overseas postage
UK purchase price from 19.99 inc.P&P
DVD and Skype Options
Includes 60 FREE bonuses to help you change your life and assist your healing from sinus congestion and face pain.
Instant Download on Bonus Files! Get Started Today!
USA, Europe & International price from 22.99 inc.P&P
DVD and Skype Options

If you've ever wanted to unleash your own amazing sinus healing potential,
at a moments notice, then this will be the most important video you'll ever see.

Various screen shots taken from the DVD showing close ups of the technique and exactly how you should perform the sequences.
Click on an image to enlarge it then hover on the enlarged picture to move to 'next' or 'previous'.
Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique
Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique
Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique Sinus Relief Technique


"Dear Mr Chave, I recently read your very interesting article on sinus congestion and lymphatic congestion. My disc arrived today and I have been doing the tapping with my son, who is seven. He has been to one doctor after another, one specialist after another. Nothing could be done except surgery. In desperation I searched for a cure for David and found your site. His symptoms have improved and continue to do so the more we use your technique. I will certainly be bringing this up at his next appointment. I thought this might be of interest to you." Mrs C Mckay, Edinburgh

Phil's Comment: I'll say!! Thanks for that Catherine. I hope David continues to show improvement over the coming months, and I will be very interested in the consultant's comments.


"Dear Phil, Thank you for sending the lymph disc to Barbara. Your dedication to healing and the welfare of others is greatly appreciated. Barbara`s condition is improved tremendously and she has asked me to write and thank you on her behalf. Thank you for the time and energy you devote to others, it must have taken ages to work out the sinus treatment. Thanking you for your healing energies. God bless, Den and Barbara." Den and Barbara Marsh - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


"Phil, my eyes have been opened to the simplicity of tapping. Thanks! Mike" Mike Marshall - England, UK


"Good morning Phil, I just wanted to say thank you for all the help your Sinus DVD has given me and my wife, and to let you know there has been a marked improvement in both our conditions. Marina is feeling so much better now and is really uplifted and your technique was the helping factor. Thank you kindly for giving up your precious time to help us and others. Regards, Marina and Pierre." Marina and Pierre Taylor - Los Angeles, CA, USA


"Dear Philip, How can anything this simple be so fantastic? Good on ya. Best regards, Bob." Rob Sharpe - Banstead, Surrey

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