The Sinus Tapping and  
Lymph DrainageTechnique  
- Rapid Relief from Sinus  
Congestion and Face Pain  

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Find Rapid, Pain Free Relief from Sinus Congestion, Sinus Pain,
Headaches and Lymphatic Congestion of the Face and Head

Thank you for visiting my Sinus Tapping site. Here are some recent search terms sufferers have used to find us.

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Any of these terms dropped into Google, Bing or Yahoo will bring up the SinusTapping website, so a really big thank you to the many thousands of visitors that have stopped here to find answers to the problems of sinus congestion and facial pain. I hope you have found the information useful. If you don't want to buy the DVD or download the MPEG, that's okay, please use the FREE chart and as you get the hang of it, just let me know how you get on.

If it isn't working as well as you had expected, perhaps consider making the one off payment and have your own DVD, or download the online version and let me walk (or tap) you through it. I developed this system way back in 2004 and it has stood the test of time since then with many thousands of users. I can't believe it's been going strongly for 20 years now!

Just imagine if you could have one almost miraculous natural technique that could help you control your sinus problems
A technique that would ......
  • MASSIVELY reduce or even eliminate your sinus congestion
  • REDUCE your symptoms of hay fever The Sinus and Lymph Drainage Techinque
  • MAKE your symptom headaches a thing of the past
  • LOWER the volume of your tinnitus symptoms
  • KILL or reduce the onset or severity of facial pain
  • ELIMINATE congestion headaches
  • COMBAT the causes of pain induced depression
  • SUBSIDE facial edema and lymphatic congestion
  • REMOVE toxins in the skin caused by lymphatic stagnation
  • EASE the tension caused by Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • CLEAR Eustacian tube blockage with ease
  • MANY reduce, or even eliminate, the need for bucketloads of medication
  • and GUARANTEE yourself a blissful, peaceful, restful nights sleep, each and every night forever and ever!
All of these things are now possible - thanks to one amazingly simple technique discovered by the therapist and healer - Philip Chave
Why not try it for yourself?

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